Failing to learn – or learning to fail?

Kieran Walshe

The question more public sector organisations should be asking themselves is: “How can we learn to get better?” Knowledge is very freely shared in the sector, with lots of encouragement to learn from good practice and few proprietorial or competitive barriers, but the way public bodies take in and learn from that information isn’t always effective enough to help them be successful – and can even lead them into failure. for full story see The Guardian, Wednesday 20 May 2009

Time for the Virgin Speaker?

Speaker Martin is, rightly, going to be out before the Election and the only question now is how and when.

Michael Martin is not entirely to blame for the current crisis but his statement today is too little far, far, too late. He has to go because he’s more part of the problem than the solution.

The real issue now is – who next as Speaker? Continue reading

The Vulcan is Back, but is the rest of the crew with him?

John Redwood, the unreconstructed Thatcherite and leading Conservative, thinks we should be cutting about 20% off total public spending. Redwood is not in the current Shadow Cabinet, but is Chairman of their Economic Competitiveness Policy Group, and clearly still influential.

And his logic is impeccable – not surprising for someone often mockingly described as a Vulcan. Continue reading