Spending Review 2013?

So, it appears fairly certain now that the Coalition Government is going to announce – sometime next year – Spending Review 2013.

But, and this is critical, Danny Alexander (Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury) seems to have said this will only be a 2 year Spending Review covering the years 2014-15 and 15-16 (interview in the Guardian).

——————– to read the full text go to Whitehall Watch

You can also search Whitehall Watch for the phrase “Spending Review” and get lots more ……

Hillsborough and Transparency: why I know something of how the relatives feel about not getting the truth (until now)

I understand something of the frustration and anger of the relatives of the Hillsborough victims because I had a similar experience – albeit on a much smaller scale. British officialdom has a cult of secrecy and cover-up that is still with us, even if is has gotten slightly better.

In 1982 my younger brother Gary, 21, was killed. He was beaten up and died of a heart attack. Officialdom made this horrible situation worse by acts of secrecy. Continue reading