Jeremy Corbyn’s “Mandate” ‘One Vote to Rule them all, One Vote to find them…’

[amended to add ‘Tolkein’ 27 Nov 2015]

“One Vote to rule them all, One Vote to find them,
One Vote to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”?

(with apologies to JRR Tolkein)

According to this Thursday’s edition of The Times (17/9/15), Jeremy Corby has “warned his shadow cabinet to recognise his mandate amid growing divisions over welfare, economic policy, Britain’s nuclear deterrent and Europe”.

This got me thinking about the whole issue of “mandates”. Mr Corbyn has been in Parliament for 32 years and served under 8 Labour leaders*, six of whom were elected with a clear mandate of their own – all of which Mr Corbyn cheerfully ignored whenever it suited him. He rebelled against previous leaders more than 500 times – despite their mandates. Continue reading