Have Virus, Will Travel?

Colin Talbot

After Dominic Cumming’s Rose Garden press conference I tweeted this.

I was astonished it went so (semi) viral with over 2 million views.

But I have since realised I hadn’t really thought properly why, and crucially how, travel is so important in the current crisis. It just seemed obvious it was a bad idea.

Then I remembered something that happened nearly 2 decades ago – the foot and mouth crisis in 2001. Continue reading “Have Virus, Will Travel?”

The Covid-19 Shield Wall has been ripped away by the Government

I’ve been shielding since before we started calling it that.

By the start of March it was obvious to me that people with conditions like mine are highly vulnerable to C-19.

So from 4 Mar I started taking measures to isolate myself, as much as possible.

Suddenly, this weekend (May 30/31), we have been told we are free to go out like everyone else, just maintain social distancing. No warning, no explanation of why, or how.

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